About Wine Diva Deb

Deborah McFarlane - Wine Diva DebWine Diva Deb was created by Deb McFarlane after many years or searching for my passion – TRAVELING and WINE.

I have always been a traveler, traveling all over the world to places like Greece, Turkey, Seychelles, England, Ireland, Germany, Tonga, Thailand, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Burma…. Just to name a few places. I have also loved everything about wine, how it is grown, cultivated then created into the lovely necture of wine. Drinking wine in the place it was grown along with the food of the region is most blissful experience I can imagine.

I created a business to combine both my passions and share it with others. Do you have an affinity for the finer things in life including wine and travel or know someone that does? Imagine sailing on the tranquil turquoise waters of the Mediterranean in Greece or the exotic Seas of Thailand with pearly white beaches fringed by coconut palm trees, tropical islands covered in primary forest, clear waters which are outstanding for diving and snorkeling, or visiting famous wine regions of France like Châteauneuf-du-Pape, or cruising on a luxury cruise ship visiting wonderful ports in Spain, France, Italy or even Croatia.

Wine Diva Deb escorts small groups of people on tours with a twist of wine. Often we are traveling on a spacious 55-foot catamaran sailboat in Thailand or 50 foot plus sailboats in Greece , where you will experience pleasures and adventure unavailable to larger vessels. As the name Wine Diva Deb should imply, there is always an element of wine attached to each trip. In Greece, we visit a wonderful winery on the Island of Samos and a Greek wine festival on the Island of Lipsi , full of traditional dancing and drinking till dawn with the locals.

In Thailand , the wine industry is growing 9% yearly and we will sample their wine as well as bring along some of our favorites. We also do an optional excursion to Cambodia and visit the famous temples of Ankor Wat.

In 2008, I did the first International cruise “Best of Italy” aboard new Azamara “QUEST” a luxurious cruise line. There was 2 unique wine tours available exclusively to our group, in France and Italy .

Intrigued…. Join us for our next adventure! Here is an excerpt from a past traveler in Greece,

Peter Doman; “I experienced a totally relaxing adventure during my recent Greece adventure. Our skipper had in-depth knowledge of the Dodecanese islands, local customs, and scenic landmarks. He’s an accomplished sailor and the boat was well provisioned. Our large group of strangers at the on-set blended into a homogenized clan that just keep on finding news ways to have a heap of fun…truly loved this experience!”

Background Information:

Deborah McFarlane worked at Microsoft from 1986 till 2000, spending the last 8 years within the OEM division. Since leaving Microsoft, she has gone back to school to study all things wine, with a 2 year certificate in Wine Marketing, and has traveled the world. With the formation of Wine Diva Deb, LLC, Deb has brought her passion for travel and wine to you in the form of exciting new travel opportunities.

  • Member of Woodinville Women & Wine for 2 years
  • Official Diva Woodinville Women & Wine travel agent.
  • Volunteer for Wine Ambassadors
  • Volunteer for Blue Ribbon Cooking School
  • Class 12 Permit

Completed a 2 year certificate in Sales and Marketing – Wine Technolgy Graduated with Honors from the Wine Academy at South Seattle Community College, June 2006.

Courses completed:

  • Enology
  • Viticulture
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Food and Wine Pairing
  • Wines of Washington
  • Wine Marketing
  • History of Wine
  • Wines of the World
  • Advanced Food and Wine Pairing